How can I track my cargo?
How must I pack my cargo to ship overseas?

By sea or air the cargo has to be palletized, filmed and labeled.

When hazardous cargo by air is concerned, the packing is specific and must be done by an IATA accredited agent.

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Which documents must I provide to ship cargo overseas ?

Documents to provide are:

  • Packing list
  • Commercial invoice

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How many pallets can I load into a container?

Into 1×20’ DRY can fit on ground:

  • 11 pallets EURO (80*120cm)
  • 10 pallets ISO or VMF (100*120cm)

Into 1×40’ DRY can fit on ground:

  • 24 pallets EURO (80*120cm)
  • 21 pallets ISO or VMF (100*120cm)

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What is the closing or cut off date?

The cut off date is the deadline to present the container on terminal, ready to be loaded.
This is usually 48 to 72 H before vessel departure.
To get more info you may watch our clip “How to understand a sea shipment”

When will I receive the Bill of Lading?

As the Bill of Lading (BL) is the seafreight shipment document, it is issued at vessel sailing, and will be delivered 24 to 72H after departure.


For airfreight, what is the maximum height allowed?

Maximum height allowed is 160 cm on a passenger flight (most frequent). Beyond cargo will be loaded on a cargo flight.

What are the different types of flights?

Your cargo can load on different types of flight:

  • “OK PAX” flights which receive both passengers and cargo. Your cargo will be loaded in the hold.
  • « Cargo Aircraft Only» (CAO). This type of flight is mandatory for over height 160 cm and hazardous cargo not accepted on passenger flights.
What is freight securing at the airport?

Flying safety measures are necessary to protect civil aviation against illicit acts.
For airfreight the cargo must be secure before boarding. Cargo is checked and scanned by X-Ray or specialist dog breeder team.

When do dog breeders step in?

Dogs take action to secure the freight when cargo is:

  • Opaque shrink wrapped
  • In barrels
  • Out of gauge
  • Unattainable cargo (ex: in the middle of the pallet…)
When will I receive my Air Way Bill (AWB)?

As the Air Way Bill (AWB) is the airfreight shipment document, it is issued at flight departure, and will be delivered a copy 24 to 72H after departure.